About Us


How We Started

Buoy Buddies, founded in 2012, is a family-owned Canadian company, with locations in downtown Toronto and Wilberforce, Ont. 

The idea came to us while lounging on the dock at the family cottage. There we were enjoying the sunshine, when someone commented on the ugly bleach bottle used to mark our water line: We’d always thought of it as a necessary evil. 

But, when we looked out at the beautiful lake and counted the number of unsightly bottles bobbing in the water, it struck us that there had to be a better way. Something more appealing and less offensive: How about a giant duck? And that’s how Buoy Buddies got it start!

Now, you too, can own a Buoy Buddy! And, this isn’t just any duck. It features durable materials and a clever original design so you can keep your line in the water year-round, without having to mark again each spring (check out our Attachment page for details).

ORDER ONLINE or look for us this summer at your favourite cottage event! 



 Buoy Buddies are made in conjunction with CelebriDucks, the original creator of the first ever collectible celebrity rubber ducks of the greatest icons of film, music, athletics, and history. They have produced CelebriDucks for the NBA, Major League Baseball, the NHL, NASCAR, NCAA Collegiate Mascots, and also people such as KISS, Elvis Presley, The Wizard of Oz,  The Blues Brothers, etc., and have sold millions of their ducks worldwide.

The rubber duck was actually invented in North America before the whole industry went overseas.  CelebriDucks returned the entire industry back to the USA to be the only ones making them here once again.  They do all their artwork and sculpting in Ohio and final production at their factory in New York or at their factory overseas.  They are also considered the top custom duck manufacturer in the world and were voted one of the top 100 gifts by Entertainment Weekly while being featured on The Tonight Show and hundreds of other media outlets.