Attaching Your Buoy Buddy




We recommend anchoring your Buoy Buddy with a cinderblock. Wrap a chain through the cinderblock attaching your rope (see attachment instructions below) to the chain and the rope to your Bupy Buddy (a carbiner works great. Should your lake levels change, see below for instructions below for adjustments. 




Please remeber that your Buoy Buddy (just like you!) likes to come out of the water in the late fall. These easy steps will save you from making that chilly plunge:

1. Make sure that your rope is VERY slack, ice will ebb and flow throughout the winter moving your line significantly.

2. Replace your Buoy Buddy with at least a 2.5 inch peice of pool noodle.

3. Don't forget that washer to keep the carabiner from falling through the noodle!

4. After the ice melts and your Buoy Buddy has finished hibernating, detach the noodle and let your Buoy Buddy enjoy the water once again!

Make Your Own Attachment


1. Rope


 The size of rope you will need will depend on how deep your obstacle is. We recommend using a hollow braid polypropylene rope for it's strength, buoyancy and rot resistance. 

2. Threading


 Hollow braided polypropylene rope easily splices into itself by using a small kit found at any large hardware/ auto store. Alternatively, a simple bowline knot on each end of your rope will do. Remember to measure your loop to fit properly around your anchor. 

(click here for bowline knot instruction)

3. Anchoring


 Whatever you were using previously will make a great anchor for your Buoy Buddy as well. Marking something new? We like concrete blocks as they are a natural product and biodegradable. Remember to use chain against the cinderblock and attach rope to the chain.  

4. Noodle


Thread 3.5" of your average swimming noodle to the top end (not anchor end) of your rope and a matching washer on top of that (to keep the carabiner from falling through the noodle). 

5. Carabiner


 Attach the aluminium carabiner to your Buoy Buddy. Aluminium carabiners can also be used at the lake bottom to attach to your block anchor. 

6. Chore done!


Chore done for the day. 

You know what time it is!